Cean Aubrey Huckabay

Oh ZBrush, How I miss you.
October 19, 2009, 2:45 pm
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ZBrush has spoiled me. I miss being able to quickly sculpt out a form, retopo it, and create normal maps. Fast.

Blender’s sculpt tools are great. But I’m starting to realize I can’t use it the same way. A new approach is needed. I couldn’t get enough subdivision levels to create the level of detail I wanted. My RAM filled up, my swap started filling up, and my computer started slowing down. I retopologized and started with a higher resolution base mesh, and started adding details again. Same problem. The sculpt tools in Blender are great for quickly creating an organic form. But for adding enough detail to create normal maps, its just not fast enough yet.

Its too bad I had to sell my ZBrush license for food. And since I turned my back on Microsoft, I probably won’t be able to use it again until I buy a Mac. In the meantime, 3D-Coat looks promising. It’s about half the cost of ZBrush and supports Linux. I’m working with the demo today to see if it will suit my needs.



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